Film & Filmmaking

Alternative Cinema

A basic introduction to the characteristics of ‘indie’ and alternative film, by Cath Davies

Blade Runner

These worksheets are designed to introduce genre conventions to A level Media Studies students.


Braveheart is a suitable text for the Mass Media section of the Higher English paper. Film and Representation are specified as areas of study.

British Pathe

How schools can get access to fifty years of moving image resources from the huge British Pathe archive.

Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko (USA, 2001) is an excellent film to use in the classroom. Not many students are likely to be familiar with it; the film offers a demanding narrative in an engaging way; it sweetens the ‘pill’ of science fiction (SF) with the teen pic; it will give students experience of independent cinema.

Going non-linear

Parkside Community College in Cambridge was the first of the new Arts Colleges to specialise in Media. Andrew Burn and James Durran describe how non-linear editing has changed their students’ work in GCSE Media Studies

Harry Potter

Margaret Hubbard suggests lessons to teach the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone suitable for the media element of 5-14 English.

Hedd Wyn

Living in Oblivion

A worksheet on the indie film ‘Living in Oblivion’, by Cath Davies

Minority Report

Minority Report is the third feature film which takes its inspiration from a Philip K. Dick science fiction story. Its blend of genres, narrative impulses and representational issues makes it a useful text for Higher and Advanced Higher Media Studies.

Mise en scène

Nick Lacey offers a definition of mise en scène followed by a description of how he taught this topic to AS Film Studies students in Leeds.

Pearl Harbor

S5/6 students have analysed Pearl Harbor during the past two school sessions as part of coursework focusing upon the events of September 11, 2001; the course also included analysis of the documentary 9/11 and of newspapers reporting the attacks and their anniversary. Each class that has followed this unit of work has had a combination of Intermediate 2 and Higher students.


Neil Brand – film composer, writer and silent film accompanist – describes how music is used in the title sequence of Speed.

Whale Rider

Whale Rider is set in a small New Zealand coastal village inhabited by Maoris who claim descent from Paikea, the Whale Rider. For 1,000 years a male heir of the Chief has become leader of the tribe.