Format and genres across media

Roy Stafford examines how genre can be applied in teaching about non-film texts

Globalisation and hybridity

Some suggestions for how to approach the issues of globalisation and hybridity in the media classroom

Guidelines for media production projects

Primary and Secondary students can benefit from making their own media production.
Tom Barrance outlines some ground rules to make the project easier and more rewarding for you and your students.

Media and Literature

Texts from the English literary canon are often seen as ‘pure’ literature, as opposed to media texts which are a (necessarily, or potentially) bad influence against which students should be defended.

Remote control

Rob Watling describes a project which shows how you can find time for media education at Key Stage 1 by combining it with other classroom activities.

Seen but not heard

Rob Watling describes how a project which aimed to help young people ‘raise their voice’ also raised some issues about practical media work

Technology & Creativity

Matt Baker reports on a Creative Partnerships project in Manchester and Salford Primary schools.

Using Wiki sites with student groups

As an English and Media Studies teacher at a secondary school near Bristol, I am currently experiencing first hand the challenges of new media technologies, both as content for Media Studies A Level courses, and as opportunities for learning in the English classroom.