Reframing literacy

Reframing Literacy is a BFI initiative promoting the use of short films within the literacy curriculum. Over the past five years, the BFI has produced resources and trained teachers, advisors, and literacy consultants across the UK. In England the campaign was called ‘Lead Practitioners’, but is now being referred to as ‘Reframing Literacy’ – as reframing literacy was the aim of the campaign.

The Monk and the Fish: Film and music

Year 3 and 4 activities devised by participants at a BFI Lead Practitioners’ training session in Elstree.

Tom Sweep at Key Stage 1

Suggestions about using the film Tom Sweep (from the compilation Starting Stories 2) at Key Stage 1

Digital beginnings

A recent study on how young children (aged 0-6) use popular culture, media and new technologies in the home.

Screening stories

A presentation by Cary Bazalgette about using short films as whole texts at Key Stage 2.