Several different kinds of partner organisation can provide useful support for schools and teachers. This support can range from theoretical and practical activity with children and young people, to advice and training for teachers. Partners can also provide useful advice on setting up and equipping for film education, sometimes as part of a Cultural Stakeholder Group.

A number of cinema and multi-arts venues and film festivals have film education programmes, which can include workshops and study days for students, and training for teachers.

Resource centres such as City Learning Centres (in England) and Creative Learning Centres (in Northern Ireland) can provide practical support and training for film education.

Film education organisations with a UK-wide or regional/national remit also provide a range of training and support.

Some participatory media and community arts organisations provide workshops and training on film and filmmaking.

A number of independent filmmakers and film production organisations also provide educational activity or training, particularly support for filmmaking projects.

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