Teaching filmmaking

This page has been added by MediaEd and is not part of the original Using Film in Schools report.

The basics
If you want to know where to get started with film-making with children and young people, start with this section.

Teaching Ideas.
If you want to know more or to find out about other teaching techniques, look at this section.

Production software
Information about software for video editing and animation.

Planning Film Projects
The essentials for successful filmmaking with young people: teach about film language, define the brief, keep it manageable, avoid the hard stuff, plan carefully and consider classroom organisation.

Ideas For Projects
Classroom filmmaking ideas: take different viewpoints on the same topic, film myths and legends, make poem films, describe emotions, exchange work with other groups.

The Basics
Essential things you need to think about when you’re filming.

Film Language
Activities for introducing key elements of film language.

How to get learners to use this important film planning tool effectively.

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