Ideas for projects

A few suggestions for manageable film-making projects.

All these ideas for film-making projects are based on activities undertaken by Media Education Wales as part of our Ffilmschool projects. More detail on these, and video clips, will be put on theĀ  site shortly.

Each of these projects assumes that the film will be made by the whole class, working in groups, with each group working on a different section of the film.

None of these films use live sound: in each case, the soundtrack is assembled on the editing computer and the images are edited to the soundtrack.

Performance of the voiceover recording is important and needs quite a lot of practice and rehearsal.

Different viewpoints

Take a scenario or story from a book and divide it between the different characters featured.

Each group writes a monologue from one character’s point of view and illustrates it with video clips.

One or more of the viewpoints could be an animal or an inanimate object.

Myths and legends

Choose a local, or international, myth or legend.

Divide it into manageable sections and get each group to write a voiceover describing their part of the story and to illustrate it with video clips.

Personification poem films

Each group takes a different building or feature in the local area and writes a monologue from its point of view.

They illustrate their poem with images which explain the visual metaphors they are using – for example, roof trusses for ribs, windows for eyes, and so on.


Each group in the class is given a one-word description of a feeling or emotion.

They write a monologue or a poem which they then illustrate with video clips.

Taking away the props

Find a short, relatively abstract ‘montage’ sequence.

Get the children to write poems describing what they see in the sequence, using metaphor where they can.

Each group then has to find new, different video images to illustrate the poem.

We’ve used this as a way for children to exchange work – they send their completed films to another school, where the children create a new poem and film based on it.

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