Training for film education doesn’t have to be expensive or demanding. However, teachers and support staff will be able to integrate film into their teaching more easily if they are familiar with basic concepts and teaching techniques, and confident with the equipment they will be using.

There are a number of different kinds of organisations and individuals around the UK who provide film education training. They include cinema venues, City Learning Centres and independent filmmakers. In some areas, ‘lead practitioners’ or experienced ‘lead schools’ can provide training and mentoring to local schools.

A wide variety of training is available. It can include

  • basic introductions to film language and filmmaking
  • using film in specific subjects or to address specific topics
  • individual films and how to use them
  • technical skills including camera, editing and sound recording
  • scriptwriting and story development

Training doesn’t have to be ‘top-down’: some children and young people have technical skills or film knowledge which they can share with others. Their own skills should be used and acknowledged where possible; in some cases, disaffected students have taken a lead role in filmmaking, gaining the respect of teachers and their peers. Peer tutoring can be a very effective way for children to learn technical filmmaking skills.

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