Informal learning

Film education can be an effective and popular element of informal education activities, both as after-school provision (such as film clubs) and as part of extended services including summer camps, Saturday schools and after-school filmmaking clubs.

Many arts venues and other cultural organisations offer informal film education activities. These include filmmaking, editing and animation workshops and screenings. For more detail on organisations who can provide these activities, see the section on partners.

The Rural Media Company’s Young Shoots project has worked with Hereford Library Service to develop a collection of films suitable for rural youth clubs, where they have provided screenings. They ran filmmaking sessions for 13-19 year olds in collaboration with the Courtyard Centre for the Arts, and screenings and practical film workshops in villages, linked to Flicks in the Sticks and the Borderlines Film Festival.

“I have been able to develop relationships with pupils who are ‘hard to reach’. Pupils with behavioural/ emotional/social difficulties have been able to settle down, focus and relax.” (Teacher)

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